21 August 2014


The loss of control and power scares me. 

Save me like you do. That should be easy, you were the one who showed me I was weak. 

Hey everyone :)

I'm feeling surprisingly calm for such a chaotic week but only one more day till relaxation/ study/ assignments omg freaking out now.

I just needed a break yah know, so I don't have much to say I guess. I'll feel a lot better when the weekened comes, I plan to do so much crap AHAHAH

  • Finish drama assignment (halfway through yay!)
  • Finalise Latin assignment (just draw a diagram and finish referencing)
  • Complete and edit English (due next week holy moly)
  • Write up Science up to experimental research (wanna kill physics, am not excited for senior physics :( )
  • Hopefully complete Geography
  • Not even think about History
  • Health studies draft (literally handing in a page of notes)
Yah. Sounds like fun AHAH No but legit, I have to finish these, like I swear.

With procrastination,

Thanhy xoxo

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